The pot calling the pan(acea) black.

Let’s talk logic today.  Let’s be upfront.  After today, you will be one day closer to your ultimate demise.  Now, I’m not trying to depress or alarm anyone, I am just being frank.  Your body is in a constant state of, dare I say it, decay!  So, let’s change the tone, even though we are on this escalator (that is constantly going down) of life, the rate we progress is totally in our hands.

So, how do we slow down this escalator of life?  There is a little saying I learned from one of my mentors, a mantra that he repeated over and over to his patients.  “Movement is life”.  Think about it, if your heart stops moving you’ve got problems.  In fact, if anything in your body stops moving, it begins to decay and degenerate at a much faster rate.  That includes your neck, back, limbs, etc.  That is why the medical community no longer advocates bed rest for people who are injured, but rather motion.

When I was a CNA (certified nurse’s assistant) one of my main jobs was to go around to the patients that could no longer move their limbs and move them.  I would put them through ranges of motion in order to slow down the degeneration process.

Now, what does this have to do with what I alluded to in the title of this blog, panacea?  Simply this, if there is a joint in your spine that is not moving correctly, it will start to decay, degenerate, not function.  Chiropractic (my specialty) is tailored to find those areas that are not moving, to reintroduce motion into those joints and allow them to move correctly, thus restoring motion and function.  Is this a panacea?  Try it and find out.

Or, simply put, a bone out of place putting pressure on nerve, causing dysfunction.  Chiropractic puts that bone back in place and allows it (and the nervous system) to function.  It’s as simple as that.


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