Your body, a road map of where you’ve been.

I cannot tell you how often I have had someone come into my office and tell me, “I was in a car wreck 25 years ago, but I never had any problems from it.”  One of the biggest misconceptions in our society today is the concept that, if it doesn’t hurt, then nothing’s wrong.  

Here’s a mind blowing statistic.  Can you guess what the first sign of heart disease is for over 40% of the human population?  Pain down the arm?  Nope.  Crushing pain in the chest?  Umm, not really.  What about death?  Ding ding ding!  The first sign of heart disease for over 40% of the human population is DEATH.  So, let’s ask a question.  Let’s take a person, say Joe Schmo, who happens to fall in the 40 percenter club.

Two days before Joe’s fatality, did he have a healthy heart?  What about two weeks prior? Two months?  Two years?  You see where I’m going.  Joe had a problem brewing in his heart long before he felt any symptoms, he had to!  Whether it was plaque build-up, arrythmia, clotting, etc.  Any number of issues that were symptomless.  Well, the same thing happens not only to the heart, but the entire body.  Underlying injuries and issues will continue to progress and get worse until, BOOM, “Dr., it just started hurting when I bent over to pick up a pencil…”  Maybe that’s when the pain started, but the problem, the issue, has usually been there for a much longer time.  

The point?  See someone who can detect these underlying, insidious problems before they turn into overlying, pernicious problems that ruin lives.  See your chiropractor today!


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