Food Drive (Who will you save today?)

Two things I want to share today.  Firstly, I have been thinking a lot about food lately.  My wife started a diet campaign recently and I happily (is kicking and screaming happy?) joined in the process.  Now, going to, from, or around the office is quite… distracting.  You see, and smell, all kinds of interesting and saliva inducing smells when you are dieting.  I frequently find myself stopping in the parking lot next to McJonald’s and watching the jolly, plump and ridiculously happy people leaving the establishment.  During these moments of… distraction, I can’t help but think that I am quite willfully breaking God’s tenth commandment.  Yes, it brings a smile (albeit brief) to my face to smell the old familiar friend of grease, fillers and MSG wafting through the air.  However, with great willpower I have been able to refrain from indulging in these… distractions (note that “refrain” in this context includes any moments of blacking out, time loss and reawakening with special sauce on my lips, all explainable by… distractions).

This then brings me to the second thing I wanted to share.  All this hullabaloo about food has gotten me to thinking about those who have no choice but to “diet” because of whatever worldly situation the economy, family or God has put before them.  This time has helped me to reflect about this and make the decision to do what little I can for those in need.  So, I decided to do a Food Drive for the Placer Food Bank.  It runs from March 18-28th.  Any new patient who brings in a non-perishable food item will receive in return a Free Exam, Free X-rays (if necessary), Free Report of Findings and a  Free First Adjustment!

Also, on March 23rd (Saturday) we have our patient appreciation day.  From 10 am to 2 pm we will be adjusting, massaging, eating and partying, and everything will be FREE.  Don’t miss it!

I choose to be hungry.  There are many who cannot make that choice.  Step-up and give a little of yourself to help those who are less fortunate.  I am, will you?

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Top ten ways to LOSE weight during the holidays!

In the spirit of overeating, here are 10 ways to avoid the results of excessive engorgement.

10. Eat Less!  Yes, eating less can almost (almost, I say) guarantee that you will not put on that excessive weight during the holidays.  But is that any fun?  No, not at all.  So, onto number…

9. Take a picture of what you are eating and send it out to the facebook world.  Not only will this make you analyze what you are eating before you eat, it will allow the thousands of people who hang on your every post to also analyze your eating habits and give constructive feedback.  Only rule, you gotta do it with everything you eat.  No picking and choosing.  Have fun!

8. Eat everything… in very small portions.  Yes, their is literally a smorgasbord of options out there during the holidays.  One thing I have realized as I have aged is that I cannot eat endlessly like I could before.  This has turned me onto a rather ingenious discovery.  I can still experience everything by only eating very little of each.  Try it!

7. Put on your “small” pants to every holiday get together.

6. Perfect the art of the tactful ‘decline’.

5. Exercise before AND after dinner.

4. Instead of soda or egg nog or (put in drink of choice), choose water.

3. Have a recording go off each time you look in the mirror that says, “how much did you eat again?”

2. Choose things that you can eat while chewing gum.

1.  It’s the holidays!  Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow the gym will open…  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!