Chiropractic care is generally known to help people overcome “Back” or “Neck” pain. While this is true, it is also diminutive to the actual scope of chiropractic.  I suffered for years with daily heartburn that was “cured” through chiropractic.  The first chiropractic patient was “cured” of his hearing loss through chiropractic.  These stories and more are innumerable in the chiropractic profession.

Just last month a young woman (14 yoa) came to my office.  Her mother had taken this young woman to several doctors visits and specialists over 2 1/2 years for her stomach/vomiting/nausea/insomnia causing intestinal problems.  They were all stumped.  Even the most powerful medicines, the latest research and most innovative techniques could not “cure” this young woman of her malady.  Finally (as is usually the case) surgery was brought up as another possible “cure”.  This wise mother then decided to pursue another course in the hopes of saving her young daughter from such a destiny.

I analyzed this young woman and found that, due to trauma in her past, she had a pinched nerve in her neck!  It just so happened that this pinched nerve was most probably affecting a specialized nerve in our body called the VAGUS nerve.  What does this nerve do?  It controls the (parasympathetic) function of our internal organs, or, in other words, this young lady’s stomach, intestines, etc.!

Here’s what I did.  I adjusted her upper neck, taking the pressure off of her nerve.  After the first adjustment, the young lady felt no difference.  However, it made sense to her and her mother that this was going to take time.  And it did take time, about 3 1/2 weeks of coming into my office 3 times a week.  Her problems are now gone, and have continued to be to this day.

This young lady did not come to me for low back pain or neck pain.  She came because maybe, just maybe there was another, less invasive, natural way for her to be “cured”.  And the great news is that there was!  This is not an isolated, solitary case, it happens all  the time!  Bottom line, go and see what chiropractic can do for you!  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your cure!


Hang with the RIGHT crowd

If you’re like me, you’ve probably set some goals for this 2013 new year.  And, like me, those goals most likely involve being healthier, eating better, losing weight, etc.  The question then arises, are you around the right people in order to be successful in your goals?

“If you want to be happy, hang out with happy people.”  The same could be said for being healthy.  Stop by your local Chiropractic Clinic and note the people who go in and out.  These people are, for the most part, healthy and excited about life.  However (and here’s the key), most of them didn’t start out with that attitude.  They had to make the conscious decision to maintain their spinal health like other happy, healthy Chiropractic patients.  

If, this New Year, you are resolved to being unhappy, sicker and more tired, by all means drop by your local pharmacy or hospital.  However, if you are committed to bettering your health and improving your life this New Year, then join the masses who can help get you there.  They’ll be hanging out at their Chiropractor’s office.