Chiropractic care is generally known to help people overcome “Back” or “Neck” pain. While this is true, it is also diminutive to the actual scope of chiropractic.  I suffered for years with daily heartburn that was “cured” through chiropractic.  The first chiropractic patient was “cured” of his hearing loss through chiropractic.  These stories and more are innumerable in the chiropractic profession.

Just last month a young woman (14 yoa) came to my office.  Her mother had taken this young woman to several doctors visits and specialists over 2 1/2 years for her stomach/vomiting/nausea/insomnia causing intestinal problems.  They were all stumped.  Even the most powerful medicines, the latest research and most innovative techniques could not “cure” this young woman of her malady.  Finally (as is usually the case) surgery was brought up as another possible “cure”.  This wise mother then decided to pursue another course in the hopes of saving her young daughter from such a destiny.

I analyzed this young woman and found that, due to trauma in her past, she had a pinched nerve in her neck!  It just so happened that this pinched nerve was most probably affecting a specialized nerve in our body called the VAGUS nerve.  What does this nerve do?  It controls the (parasympathetic) function of our internal organs, or, in other words, this young lady’s stomach, intestines, etc.!

Here’s what I did.  I adjusted her upper neck, taking the pressure off of her nerve.  After the first adjustment, the young lady felt no difference.  However, it made sense to her and her mother that this was going to take time.  And it did take time, about 3 1/2 weeks of coming into my office 3 times a week.  Her problems are now gone, and have continued to be to this day.

This young lady did not come to me for low back pain or neck pain.  She came because maybe, just maybe there was another, less invasive, natural way for her to be “cured”.  And the great news is that there was!  This is not an isolated, solitary case, it happens all  the time!  Bottom line, go and see what chiropractic can do for you!  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your cure!


New schedule in the office!

We are growing!
Because of the growing demand for chiropractic in our area and because of great patients like yourself, we have found it necessary to change our hours of operation.  The office will now be open for chiropractic services Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm!

The change takes affect this week (Oct. 14th-18th, 2013).  In order to cover this amount of time per week, Dr. Huseboe’s schedule will be:

Monday:          Out of the office
Tuesday:         8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Wednesday:    8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Thursday:        2 pm – 6 pm
Friday:             8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Saturday:         Out of the office

Unfortunately, Dr. Huseboe will no longer be able to come in on Saturday’s

Dr. Thomas’ schedule will be:

Monday:           8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Tuesday:          8 am – 12:30 pm
Wednesday:     8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Thursday:         8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Friday:              Out of the office
Saturday:          See facebook page for full details/schedule.

Remember, health is your choice.  We just want to help you not have so many excuses!  See you soon!

Fibromyalgia, Myth vs. Truth

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating affliction that affects many in the world.  It is an autoimmune disease wherein the body’s own immune system attacks the muscle fibers of the body.  It can cause pain, weakness and fatigue.

Not long ago, fibromyalgia was considered by many health practitioners (and still is to this day) to be a condition of “the head”.  Luckily, new research has shown that those who suffer from fibromyalgia also suffer from polyneuropathy (fancy word for nerve damage).  

This research suggests that not only is fibromyalgia a problem of muscle, but of nerve as well.  

Chiropractors are the gatekeepers of the nervous system and help millions of people each year.  If you or someone you know is suffering from fibromyalgia, go see a chiropractor.  As the chiropractor heals up the nervous system, the body will begin to function as it should, making you more healthy and vibrant than ever before!

Fibromyalgia is not of the mind, it is an actual condition that can be managed if the proper steps are taken.  Start taking those proper steps today, make an appointment with a chiropractor!

Health, marriage and Summer Time (Not necessarily in that order).

When I was 19 and still struggling with what I was going to do with my life, I asked an elderly gentleman if he had any life advice for me.  He looked down while a small smile flickered across his face.  I waited for a moment, wondering if I needed to repeat the question (did I mention he was elderly?)  Suddenly he looked up with no trace of a smile.  “Son, there’s only 2 things you need to know, first, love your wife (I wasn’t married yet) with all your heart.  Second, always, ALWAYS look good in a swimsuit.”

I remember standing there as I watched the gentleman turn his attention to a young lady at the reception.  My first reaction was to look in a mirror and feel that perhaps the old man thought I would look bad in a swimsuit.  I looked over again at the elderly man and watched as he shuffled over to his wife and took her hand.  It was then that I realized that perhaps the man was not making a judgement of me and my looks, but perhaps he was making a statement about himself and his readiness (or lack thereof) for the upcoming summer months and his own donning of a swimsuit.  (I also thought about his wife and the obvious love that they had for each other, but that is for another blog.)

I began to imagine scenarios of what could have possibly happened recently to make this gentleman feel that those two things were the most important things to tell a young, impressionable man.  I imagined him outside in the sweltering heat, mentioning to his wife how nice it would be to go for a swim and her replying, yes, it would be nice.  Then cut scene to the gentleman looking in the mirror and realizing that swimsuit and current physique were not a good match.  Or perhaps he actually had gone swimming and one of his innocent grandchildren had said, “Grandpa, why do you have 2 tummies?” or “Mommy, grandpa forgot his top!” or “Nice John Stockton shorts, Gramps.”  Needless to say, this ‘advice’ has stuck with me through the years.  And now that the summer months are upon us, what are YOU doing to be ready?  For, according to a wise, old and by all accounts happy elderly man, all you need in life is two things, a happy marriage and looking good in a swimsuit.

Now, I may not be able to help much with the marriage part, there are a few tips I can give for looking good in a swimsuit.

1st, make sure it fits (most important).

2nd, cardio

3rd, more cardio

4th, SMILE, it covers up a host of flaws, trust me!

5th, get out and enjoy the sun!  You’re going to look great!

5 Most Stunning views from Hubble

Now, before I get to the pictures (which I will do, don’t worry) you may be asking yourself, “Why would a person who does a health blog write about Hubble and Space?”  Good question.  First, I love space and everything there is to know about it, it is my passion (see ‘hobby’).  If I wasn’t a chiropractor, I would be an astronomer… no, actually I’d be an astronaut!  Space and planets and everything about it gives me a child-like giddiness.  Whenever NOVA (see PBS) broadcasts anything about “Super-massive Black Holes” or “Hypernovas”, I’m there, much to the dismay of my wife.  Sometimes I find myself sitting and thinking about faster-than-light travel, and even though Einstein says “No can do” (why Einstein?… WHY!!?), yet I still hold out hope.

Secondly, I believe that having a secondary hobby, something beyond work, is very healthy.  So, there you go, the health aspect!  Now, onto the pictures.Interacting Spiral Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163

I love this picture, it shows two galaxies (ngc 2207 and ic 2163) interacting with each other.  Amazingly, as the galaxies get closer and even collide, the individual stars will probably never hit each other.

This picture shows galaxy m87.  Hubbles lensing shows the galaxy emitting a jet of high-speed electrons.  Super cool!

This picture shows a black hole.  You don’t actually see the black hole, but you can see the dust disc around it.  This is in galaxy ngc 7052.  Black holes fascinate me to no end!

This is a great picture.  Just sit back and enjoy it!

And finally, the most interesting and intriguing picture (at least to me) from Hubble is….

This is the Eskimo Nebula (ngc 2392).  I think they should call it God’s Eye.  Stunning, intricate, amazing.  What I wouldn’t give to be traveling to such places.  But alas, looking at them will have to suffice…. for now.

In the meantime, pick a cool hobby (you know what I would suggest) and keep your life healthy!  Pick Chiropractic!

Food Drive (Who will you save today?)

Two things I want to share today.  Firstly, I have been thinking a lot about food lately.  My wife started a diet campaign recently and I happily (is kicking and screaming happy?) joined in the process.  Now, going to, from, or around the office is quite… distracting.  You see, and smell, all kinds of interesting and saliva inducing smells when you are dieting.  I frequently find myself stopping in the parking lot next to McJonald’s and watching the jolly, plump and ridiculously happy people leaving the establishment.  During these moments of… distraction, I can’t help but think that I am quite willfully breaking God’s tenth commandment.  Yes, it brings a smile (albeit brief) to my face to smell the old familiar friend of grease, fillers and MSG wafting through the air.  However, with great willpower I have been able to refrain from indulging in these… distractions (note that “refrain” in this context includes any moments of blacking out, time loss and reawakening with special sauce on my lips, all explainable by… distractions).

This then brings me to the second thing I wanted to share.  All this hullabaloo about food has gotten me to thinking about those who have no choice but to “diet” because of whatever worldly situation the economy, family or God has put before them.  This time has helped me to reflect about this and make the decision to do what little I can for those in need.  So, I decided to do a Food Drive for the Placer Food Bank.  It runs from March 18-28th.  Any new patient who brings in a non-perishable food item will receive in return a Free Exam, Free X-rays (if necessary), Free Report of Findings and a  Free First Adjustment!

Also, on March 23rd (Saturday) we have our patient appreciation day.  From 10 am to 2 pm we will be adjusting, massaging, eating and partying, and everything will be FREE.  Don’t miss it!

I choose to be hungry.  There are many who cannot make that choice.  Step-up and give a little of yourself to help those who are less fortunate.  I am, will you?

FoodDrive2011Spring1 (1) FoodDrive2011Spring2 (1)

Top Ten Reasons Our World Is Destroying Our Health

Genes adapt in about 10,000 years.  These factors are less than 100 years old.  So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

1.  Trans Fatty Acids.  If you don’t know about these, please, PLEASE read my article, Trans Fatty Acids, Butter and a girl named Marg(arine).  Trans Fatty Acids cannot be metabolized, and they alter receptor sensitivity (in other words, the function of receptors) for neurotransmitters and hormones.

2.  Unbalanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in our diets.  Omega-6 equals animal fats.  Omega-3 equals fish oils.  We, as a nation, are low on fish oils.  Too much omega-6  causes systemic inflammation, immuno-suppression, elevated cortisol levels (causing weight gain) and an increased sympathetic response.  Too little omega-3 reduces brain function, neuroplasticity and reduces the level of the neurotransmitters (and this is important!) dopamine and serotonin!  (Low levels of these neurotransmitters is what drives the anti-depressant medication market).

3. (This will be shorter..)  Refined sugars (see white sugar) increases insulin production and release (see diabetes), and ages all of our systems (including your skin).

4.  Plastics release a chemical (phthalates) which get into our water and food.  This acts as a hormone disruptor (mimics hormone estrogen) and carcinogen.

5.  Antibiotics, not only giving rise to SUPER BUGS but also causing increased incidence of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

6.  Insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc., these are neurological disruptors and carcinogens (cancer causing!).

7.  Aspartame & Glutamate (aka, MSG).  For you med-heads out there, these excite the N-methyl d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor.  In laymen terms, causes chronic pain and there have been links to it in degenerative brain diseases.

8.  Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in good foods because of soil depletion and vitamin destruction from microwave ovens.

9.  Pollution: diesel, mercury, fluoride, lead, aluminum, cadmium, etc.  These are also wonderful neurolgical disruptors and carcinogens.

10.  Finally, last but not least, our sedentary lifestyle.  Primarily from television, secondary from computers and video games.  Remember, motion is life.  Just like when a joint stops moving, due to injury or other issues, it quickly degenerates.  The same can be said for our health.

In conclusion, there are numerous things that can cause our bodies problems, however, knowing what these things are is the first step in being able to overcome them and eliminate them from our lives.  Choose a healthy lifestyle, find a health partner who will help you and guide you, whether it is a dietitian, wellness coach or chiropractor and then see your life change.  Your health is in our hands.