5 Most Stunning views from Hubble

Now, before I get to the pictures (which I will do, don’t worry) you may be asking yourself, “Why would a person who does a health blog write about Hubble and Space?”  Good question.  First, I love space and everything there is to know about it, it is my passion (see ‘hobby’).  If I wasn’t a chiropractor, I would be an astronomer… no, actually I’d be an astronaut!  Space and planets and everything about it gives me a child-like giddiness.  Whenever NOVA (see PBS) broadcasts anything about “Super-massive Black Holes” or “Hypernovas”, I’m there, much to the dismay of my wife.  Sometimes I find myself sitting and thinking about faster-than-light travel, and even though Einstein says “No can do” (why Einstein?… WHY!!?), yet I still hold out hope.

Secondly, I believe that having a secondary hobby, something beyond work, is very healthy.  So, there you go, the health aspect!  Now, onto the pictures.Interacting Spiral Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163

I love this picture, it shows two galaxies (ngc 2207 and ic 2163) interacting with each other.  Amazingly, as the galaxies get closer and even collide, the individual stars will probably never hit each other.


This picture shows galaxy m87.  Hubbles lensing shows the galaxy emitting a jet of high-speed electrons.  Super cool!


This picture shows a black hole.  You don’t actually see the black hole, but you can see the dust disc around it.  This is in galaxy ngc 7052.  Black holes fascinate me to no end!


This is a great picture.  Just sit back and enjoy it!

And finally, the most interesting and intriguing picture (at least to me) from Hubble is….


This is the Eskimo Nebula (ngc 2392).  I think they should call it God’s Eye.  Stunning, intricate, amazing.  What I wouldn’t give to be traveling to such places.  But alas, looking at them will have to suffice…. for now.

In the meantime, pick a cool hobby (you know what I would suggest) and keep your life healthy!  Pick Chiropractic!