The BEST (and Easiest) Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain

First, the obligatory disclaimer.  Before any exercise is attempted, consult first with your physician.  There are many causes of Chronic Low Back Pain some of which can be life threatening if not diagnosed properly.  This information is meant to be discussed with and utilized in conjunction with you treating physician.   Now, a little bit of background.  The Low Back is a complex structure, however, one thing is almost always consistent when I deal with patients with Chronic Low Back pain; the posture muscles are almost always weak.  Strengthening the posture muscles will greatly increase your body’s ability to overcome Chronic Low Back Pain.   The best exercise you can do to strengthen those essential posture muscles is to do half-crunches on a yoga/pilates ball.




The exercise is simple yet essential.  There are a few steps you need to take to do this exercise effectively and safely.  (If you have severe balance issues, DO NOT do this exercise unless you have a dedicated spotter.)  

Sit on the ball with your feet shoulder width apart, crossing your arms in front of your chest.  Ask for a friends help or do this next to a wall if you feel unstable.  Start to do the half crunches.  Do as many as you can without falling over.  Image

As you continue to do this exercise, you may find that it becomes too easy.  If this is the case, move your feet closer together, until eventually they are together.  As this becomes easier, do it with one foot.  For those who are advanced, NO feet.  

As you do this exercise, you will begin to feel you Low Back begin to stabilize and many times the chronic pain will begin to lessen as your core strengthens.  

Be aware that there are other, very beneficial exercises that can be used to strengthen the core.  Utilize these in coordination with you primary physician.  However, this is one of the best and EASIEST exercises to truly begin to strengthen your core and begin your journey back to health!