Chiropractic care is generally known to help people overcome “Back” or “Neck” pain. While this is true, it is also diminutive to the actual scope of chiropractic.  I suffered for years with daily heartburn that was “cured” through chiropractic.  The first chiropractic patient was “cured” of his hearing loss through chiropractic.  These stories and more are innumerable in the chiropractic profession.

Just last month a young woman (14 yoa) came to my office.  Her mother had taken this young woman to several doctors visits and specialists over 2 1/2 years for her stomach/vomiting/nausea/insomnia causing intestinal problems.  They were all stumped.  Even the most powerful medicines, the latest research and most innovative techniques could not “cure” this young woman of her malady.  Finally (as is usually the case) surgery was brought up as another possible “cure”.  This wise mother then decided to pursue another course in the hopes of saving her young daughter from such a destiny.

I analyzed this young woman and found that, due to trauma in her past, she had a pinched nerve in her neck!  It just so happened that this pinched nerve was most probably affecting a specialized nerve in our body called the VAGUS nerve.  What does this nerve do?  It controls the (parasympathetic) function of our internal organs, or, in other words, this young lady’s stomach, intestines, etc.!

Here’s what I did.  I adjusted her upper neck, taking the pressure off of her nerve.  After the first adjustment, the young lady felt no difference.  However, it made sense to her and her mother that this was going to take time.  And it did take time, about 3 1/2 weeks of coming into my office 3 times a week.  Her problems are now gone, and have continued to be to this day.

This young lady did not come to me for low back pain or neck pain.  She came because maybe, just maybe there was another, less invasive, natural way for her to be “cured”.  And the great news is that there was!  This is not an isolated, solitary case, it happens all  the time!  Bottom line, go and see what chiropractic can do for you!  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your cure!


New schedule in the office!

We are growing!
Because of the growing demand for chiropractic in our area and because of great patients like yourself, we have found it necessary to change our hours of operation.  The office will now be open for chiropractic services Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm!

The change takes affect this week (Oct. 14th-18th, 2013).  In order to cover this amount of time per week, Dr. Huseboe’s schedule will be:

Monday:          Out of the office
Tuesday:         8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Wednesday:    8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Thursday:        2 pm – 6 pm
Friday:             8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Saturday:         Out of the office

Unfortunately, Dr. Huseboe will no longer be able to come in on Saturday’s

Dr. Thomas’ schedule will be:

Monday:           8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Tuesday:          8 am – 12:30 pm
Wednesday:     8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Thursday:         8 am – 6 pm (lunch 12:30-2)
Friday:              Out of the office
Saturday:          See facebook page for full details/schedule.

Remember, health is your choice.  We just want to help you not have so many excuses!  See you soon!

The BEST (and Easiest) Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain

First, the obligatory disclaimer.  Before any exercise is attempted, consult first with your physician.  There are many causes of Chronic Low Back Pain some of which can be life threatening if not diagnosed properly.  This information is meant to be discussed with and utilized in conjunction with you treating physician.   Now, a little bit of background.  The Low Back is a complex structure, however, one thing is almost always consistent when I deal with patients with Chronic Low Back pain; the posture muscles are almost always weak.  Strengthening the posture muscles will greatly increase your body’s ability to overcome Chronic Low Back Pain.   The best exercise you can do to strengthen those essential posture muscles is to do half-crunches on a yoga/pilates ball.




The exercise is simple yet essential.  There are a few steps you need to take to do this exercise effectively and safely.  (If you have severe balance issues, DO NOT do this exercise unless you have a dedicated spotter.)  

Sit on the ball with your feet shoulder width apart, crossing your arms in front of your chest.  Ask for a friends help or do this next to a wall if you feel unstable.  Start to do the half crunches.  Do as many as you can without falling over.  Image

As you continue to do this exercise, you may find that it becomes too easy.  If this is the case, move your feet closer together, until eventually they are together.  As this becomes easier, do it with one foot.  For those who are advanced, NO feet.  

As you do this exercise, you will begin to feel you Low Back begin to stabilize and many times the chronic pain will begin to lessen as your core strengthens.  

Be aware that there are other, very beneficial exercises that can be used to strengthen the core.  Utilize these in coordination with you primary physician.  However, this is one of the best and EASIEST exercises to truly begin to strengthen your core and begin your journey back to health!


Sickness, coughing, hacking, vomiting…  Don’t be alarmed, human sickness can’t be spread over the internet.

So, what do you do?  Take a pill?  Call a doctor?  Everyone knows that there is every lotion, potion and drug for almost any ailment mankind can think of.  But, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  The body heals itself.

That tylenol you take for the headache doesn’t cure you, it masks the pain until your body can find a way to rid itself of the problem.

Case in point, I have met more than my fair share of people who are, for lack of a better word, addicted.  If they don’t get their (insert drug, lotion or potion of choice) then they are in pain.  Real pain, and, their bodies just won’t heal.

So, what to do?  Well, the first thing I would do is make sure my body is working at its best, so that if it could heal on its own, it would.  What controls the body, the nervous system (you know, brain, spinal cord, nerves).  And who are the medical professionals who make sure the nervous system is working at its optimum?  Chiropractors!

“Really?”  That is a fair question.  Chiropractic students take over 200 hours more neurology than medical students.  And, the main thing that most chiropractors take care of… PINCHED NERVES!

“So, how does that work?”  Fair question again.  Anytime a person has trauma, and this can be physical, emotional, chemical or mental trauma, it can cause the nerves to become pinched, irritated and generally function at less than it should.  Chiropractors are trained professionals in the detection and correction of spinal nerve interference.  That’s what I do, and it is for more than pain.  It is for those who want their nervous system functioning at its highest potential.

It’s as simple as that.

Dr. Matt Huseboe, D.C.

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